By using date of birth 20 november numerology

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And you more often than not find a pioneering path through life, and inspire people along the way. You are very open and strong minded about your critics whenever they exist, especially when it comes to authority figures. This comes as impulsive response, and although it comes out as very honest and direct, it is not at all surprising given your emotional response to life. It is exactly like every other aspect of your life, ruled by your never-changing emotions, one moment optimistic and enthusiastic, the next bitterly disillusioned and in depths of despair.

You can be very serious and intense when it comes to purpose to your life, and that very stance of life most often attracts considerable success and respect.

November 20, 1941

It would make you much happier and fulfilled if you could find that success and respect in your heart, and take yourself just a tiny bit less serious. In your early life you are most likely to live your life in a spirit of optimism, as these are as well the years you most likely will take quite many risks. And as your life moves on into your older years you will most likely slowly and gradually through the years become much more practical, ambitious and of course realistic in your approach to life.

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Your later years will be ruled by desire, order and structure. The key to success, no matter what age stage you are in, will most likely be your ability to acknowledge and accept your emotions successfully, especially anger.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Once you concur your emotions, you will have the mental advantage you need, to win over almost any obstacle you are faced with, and overcome any challenge or even opponent that stands in your way. You are a very kind heart, generous and sincere.

But on the other hand you can also be possessive and selfish at times, and are also prone to mood swings. You have deep and powerful emotions that can sometimes chase people you know away from you, and it is all for the excitement you feel for thrill of the chase as well as melancholy of lovesickness. Regular daily exercise, I guess somewhere between moderate and vigorous is strongly advised for you, as it is an extreme health booster, but also a good way to keep your mind relaxed and keep a good energy exhaust, to balance your anger and stress levels.

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