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Wikileaks documents from the DNC and the Clinton campaign revealed that major media organizations were tasked with elevating Trump as GOP nominee, then trashing him once he became the nominee — a process that has never really stopped, even with the legal election of Trump as president. Meanwhile, veteran CIA cyber security experts insist there is no evidence Russia was involved, and this was supported by Vault 7 revelations that the CIA can easily leave digital fingerprints, falsely implicating other nations such as Russia.

Plutonian realities can bring unlikely alliances, which happened on both sides. One such example is the pre-election unity of the GOP Neocons with corporate Democrats, both supporting Clinton, and perhaps not so unlikely given the rightward shift of the Democratic Party. They lost 16 million registered Democratic voters both before and after the Nov. But together the Clinton-Neocon alliance continued opposing Trump even after the election, cheerfully urging on the CIA in their efforts to sabotage Trump in any way possible, apparently unaware of the dangerous and unaccountable powers they are unleashing.

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His sudden shift of position in early April changed all that, as we know, and within a few weeks of the Pluto Stationary Retrograde on April 20, Other surprising alliances became established as early as of Nov. Their collective aim is to destroy the image and reputation of the Trump presidency. He was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign to destroy Sanders and then Trump. The parallel to Plutonian traits is clear: Their tactics know no boundaries and no ideologies in their aim to retain or acquire power, privilege and wealth.

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And the connection of Pluto to the Deep State seems obvious here. Pluto in the 7 th house, we could say the likelihood of the opposition to Trump comes from foreign powers. But as Pluto is transiting through House 1, this indicates that opposition to the Head of State has to be homegrown and already a part of the national apparatus in some way. The Left is working to lead a resistance movement against Trump, while corporate Democrats appear to be working actively to destroy and delegitimize his presidency.

Will Trump withstand this onslaught? It appears from the strength of his birth chart that he could, but it is a very big and relentless battle, not easing up until tr. Saturn finishes its last passage through Scorpio, June 22 to Oct. We cannot underestimate the power of this transit, though tr. Similarly, tr. Pluto remains in Sagittarius thru Dec. Using whole sign houses, tr. The closer the opposition, the fiercer are the attacks on this presidency by forces that normally refuse to be identified or labeled. With two close Pluto stations in opposite the USA Sun, this intense confrontation brings events to a crisis point, with issues becoming obvious and demanding a solution.

The organization publishing key leaked documents is by no means rich. Wikileaks is a non-profit organization funded and operated by volunteers. Their source of funding has been forcibly cut off at times. Their stated purpose is to expose those with undue power and wealth, especially if their actions are perceived as immoral and illegal, indeed often amoral. If they are caught, they are severely punished under the U.

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Espionage Act, as with Chelsea Manning, whose year prison sentence was commuted after 7 years. Since his initial arrest in Dec. He was granted asylum in Ecuador but not allowed to leave the UK. A Swedish case against him Aug. In Feb. The true understanding of what was begun at the previous Saturn cycle in this sign becomes much clearer. In this case, it returns to the world axis of trade, travel and communications, where years earlier, some major developments occurred with both trade and technology, and we are seeing their repercussions now.

Until Pluto leaves sidereal Sagittarius in Dec. The whole world becomes a Surveillance State. Saturn conjoins Pluto at Sagittarius. This is a potent point in the Vedic sidereal zodiac, being a Vargottama degree, i. Though Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a military sign, it is also philosophical, with tr. Jupiter at Sagittarius on Jan. But that may not be enough to soften the militaristic trajectory we are on, where problems are more often addressed with weapons than with diplomacy. As Wikileaks has revealed, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad first became more troublesome in when he refused to allow an oil pipeline to run through Syria, from Qatar to Europe.

In the same time frame, obstacles were removed in other areas of international trade.

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Rahu is the North lunar node; Dasha is a planetary period. So we are again in a time of revolution, and one bursting with technological inventions, but also fear-based actions, as there are many destabilizing influences and obsessions. Rahu is the foreigner, the outcast, and located with Mercury in the 8 th house of the USA chart.

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It is no accident that the U. In the most recent Rahu Dasha to , the U. The tide turned against such an influx with laws passed in and Given that Trump has promised to take a strong stand against immigrants and campaigned on that premise, we see once again the focus on Rahu as the foreigner or outcast at the start of the USA Rahu Dasha. In fact, Trump the candidate was a virtual outcast of the Republican Party establishment, even if he is a billionaire real estate mogul.

He was still seen as the outsider, and his supporters rallied around him in huge numbers because they did not want an insider politician. So in many ways we see how the Plutonian opposition to Trump is undoubtedly coming from elements within the established power structure who do not want to see him change their status. We know from vote fraud experts that statistics were considerably skewed so that everyone believed Hillary Clinton was a virtual shoo-in.

But the masters of media manipulation told us that the majority of voters were registered Democrats, when that was not true. Their numbers were far fewer than the Independents, who had voted for Bernie Sanders in droves, and then later went for Trump or Jill Stein. The excuse that Hillary won the popular vote is still used to delegitimize Trump, though it was not used on George W. Bush when Gore won the popular vote in but not the presidency. Rahu Dasha has already brought Americans a wild ride, and it runs through fall But tr.

Pluto opposing the USA Sun this closely will not happen again for another Its strongest push will be from April through November with the Pluto stations April 20 and Sept. This makes for a very intense and tough ride for the U. Pluto can be coercive and subversive and rarely accountable for his actions, as we have seen many times in our Plutonian realities. The U. If the Russians hacked there would be evidence. Presidential elections of , , and to the exact number of electoral votes.

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