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Gemini, you are known for communication, which is why five is your lucky number, as it represents communication. Stardust says, "With your quest for spirituality and thirst for knowledge in , the number five serves to heighten your pursuits in Number seven is associated with the moon, which rules your sign.

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Stardust says, "Power struggles with others may lead you to let your intuition guide you in relationships, forcing you to embrace the number seven's sensitive and intuitive feels. The number 89 brings transparency your way in Stardust says, "You may experience brain fog this year, especially when it comes to partnerships. Embrace the number five to use your analytical abilities to see through the cloudiness and uncertainties this year. Stardust says that the number six represents love and the good life.

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She adds, "The number six will expand your horizons in , giving you a broad scope to manifest and implement your professional dreams. Just listen to your gut before making decisions. Stardust explains, "The number seven is your lucky number in to activate your passions and desires — also, experimentation in all areas of life. This is a year of change for you. Stardust says, "With transformative Pluto aligning with your Sun, you will gravitate toward power house 17 , to make changes in Stardust says, "You will need order this year, especially around finances.

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The number 31 is your lucky number for organizing such matters. Check out your lucky number below: Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Leo July 23 - August You may play around with different months and different dates, but there are a lot of different ways to choose the best day to get married.

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So here are some tips for picking out the best wedding date for you, because timing is everything. To find your life path number, use your birthday.

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Together those numbers equal Stick with the 7th of any month or any day in the 7th month, which is July. Looking for something even better? Then, go with July 7th. If you want to look at lucky wedding dates more generally, there are plenty of choices that should help you start your marriage off with love and laughter — and of course, a little luck.

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On this date Venus, the planet of love, will reach its Greatest Western Elongation, meaning your wedding will be showered with love from above. On this day there will be a rare Supermoon — an extra bright moon — will shine upon the earth, creating a romantic atmosphere and bringing good luck.

The Winter Solstice will fall on December 22nd on And remember — 7 is the luckiest number.

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Of course, choosing the luckiest date according to the stars is important. But you can do more than that if you are waiting for some kind of guidance from the higher power. Want some clues from your destiny on how to make your wedding the most memorable event ever?

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    We believe that it is a great source of wedding inspiration — you get a box every month, and if you listen to your inner voice, you may get some clues from the stars on how to make your wedding even better!