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Baily's edition of the 15th century Tartar astronomer Ulug Beg's catalogue gives this star as Rigil Kentaurus , from Al Rijl al Kentaurus , the Centaur's Foot; describing it as on the toe of the right front hoof, and the 17th century German astronomer Bayer so illustrated it. The 14th century Greco-Persian astronomer Chrysococca had the synonymous pous kontouros Greek for 'centaur's foot' ; and our Century Dictionary retains Rigel Arabic for 'foot' , although this is better known for the bright star in Orion Rigel.

As such object of worship it seems to have been known as Serk-t. It bore an important part, too, in southern China as the determinant of the stellar division Nan Mun , the South Gate.

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It is of the greatest interest to astronomers, being, so far as is now known, the nearest to our system of all the stars. According to Ptolemy the stars in the human part of the figure are of the nature of Venus and Mercury, and the bright stars in the horse's part of Venus and Jupiter. It is said to give hard-heartedness, inclination to vengeance, love of arms, strong passion, and an energetic nature. It may be connected with poisons. Such a one will either urge on asses with the goad and yoke together quadrupeds of mixed stock or will ride aloft in a chariot; else he will saddle horses with a fighter or drive them into the fight [translator's note; he will load horses with arms or drive them into arms, that is yoked to war-chariots].

D, book 5, p. Bungula gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor. Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Disturbances, riots, periods of storm and stress and revolt against curtailment of freedom. The Greeks saw this constellation as Zeus in the form of an eagle carrying the youth Ganymedes to the heavens to be his cup bearer.

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It gives a bold and unyielding nature, valiance, ambition, a liberal nature, great wealth though ephemeral, but its natives can cause bloodshed and there can be danger from reptiles. From Anti Ares - the rival of Mars. Sometimes called Shiloh or the Scorpion's Heart. Influence: Being a Royal Star it can bring great success but the possible cause of undoing is that the person goes to excess or become obsessive.

Obsession leads to a downfall. However, by keeping a balance between success with one's goals and the quality of life, the potential downfall is avoided. Yet it is malefic in nature, bringing destructiveness, rashness, a headstrong nature, braod-mindedness, and obstinance.

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It influences various health problems, incl eye troubles. It may induce impulsiveness that can casue bodily injury. From Arktouros, the Bear Guard. It gives riches, status, gain through voyages and navigation. This star embodies the daring to strike out and take a new path; to try a new method; to go in a direction which has not been traveled before. This is the left shoulder of the great god Osiris and was later renamed Orion by the Greeks. Influence: One of the great stars of the sky, Bellatrix is success through a long, and at times hard, struggle.

The star promises great potential but only through a journey which deals with the more difficult aspects of the psyche. Ptolemy gave this star the influences of Mars and Mercury. This huge red star is in the right shoulder of Orion who was previously known to the Egyptians as the god, Osiris. Influence: "Success which is not blocked. Ptolemy gives it also the characteristics of Mars and Mercury. This star is a beacon in the southern sky and thought by the ancients to symbolise the great path finder.

Still used by NASA for navigational purposes. This star, when active in a chart, indicates an individual who finds new ways and methods of doing things.

The Fixed Stars

This star can be thought of as a type of horse-goddess in the style of the great Celtic goddess Macha. Influence: Love of movement. Fast, love of speed, freedom without aggression. Strength and determination, quick to take action. Linked closely to writers.

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Influence: To write or create. Castor is success or creativity which flows easily without pain and trauma. Ptolemy - One of the Twins; influence of Mercury. This constellation has always been a large bird but has gone through many different species in its history. The Greeks saw it as a form of Zeus in his guise as a Swan used in the seduction of Leda. But this constellation represents a much older tradition. It is a Shamanistic expression of the Sun-God taking the guise of a Bird. Influence: Powerful, clear and determined, a strong will linked with a strong temper. Influence: Self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune, and compulsory change.

Ptolemy - influence of Saturn. Medically, it may bring on bodily and mental inhibition. The lion symbolises the ancient goddess worship, for it was a grandchild of Gia whose mother was half woman and half snake.

Important Fixed Stars

These worshippers were persecuted as the goddess gave way to the god. Influence: To go against society. This star embodies these concepts and can talk of a person who goes against convention, or becomes out-of- step with the views of society thereby opening themselves to persecution or becoming the persecutor.

Ptolemy - the tail of the Lion. Mental gyrations if conj to Mercury or Uranus in natal chart. The nebula in the face of the Archer. All nebulas are traditionally linked to the eyes and blindness, primarily because a test of good eyesight in the Roman army was to be able to see that a star was not one but a cluster. This nebula is the eye of the most feared of all warriors - the archer. Influence: Facies is a difficult star, being either the perpetrator of violence or the victim.

Like the other three Royal Stars it promises success but only if the individual avoids the pitfalls presented by the star. This star is about ideals and dreams. If these are noble, then great personal happiness can be achieved. However, if the dreams or ideals are corrupt in any way, then there is great loss and confusion. Often described as an evil star, in modern times we can think of this star as a statement of independence.

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  8. Influence: To follow one's own path If linked to Mercury this may indicate the independent thinker; if linked to Mars it could imply anything from brutish strength to the great athlete. Possibly aka El-Nath. Influence: victim of the Unconscious The star is linked to the forces of the collective unconscious, that which can emerge from the sea of the collective and greatly influence the individual for better or for worse.

    This is a difficult star. Medically, this has Saturnian qualities. Throat or larynx problems are possible if it conjuncts malefics. However, it does seem to embody the symbolism of Andromeda, the young woman who is harmonious, balanced and receptive. Influence: In harmony to be receptive This star is strong in the charts of artists or any person who brings harmony and rhythm to their occupation. It is the honorable fighter, the one who will accept the challenge. Influence: Challenge-oriented. A desire for battle, a desire to compete.

    Its energy seems to be about making a statement, of carrying a message. It can show someone who brings new ideas to the world or, new physical feats. However, the person may be all potential with no outcome.


    Influence: To have one's say. The tormented artist, the person who sees or encounters the more difficult side of things. These difficulties can take the main focus, swamping the person who constantly struggles to pull themselves into clearer light. Influence: The pain of creativity Ptolemy - one of the Twins; influence of Mars. Medical Influence: weak eyes. Any advantages or success should be developed quickly when this star is involved, as the opportunities do not last long. Traditionally Ras Alhague is seen as an evil star because it is linked to a serpent and thus the feminine.

    However, a better understanding of this star is to see it connected to the concept of healing, whether that is on a personal level or in society as a whole. Influence: The desire to heal a wound. It may produce toxic conditions that affect the body.