Pisces daily horoscope for november 25 2019

Yes, of course, others will complain that you are being selfish, and maybe you are, but what of it? It's not a game. Mercury, your ruler, is nicely aligned to changes planet Uranus this weekend, so not only will you know in your own mind what it is you should be doing but you will find just the right words to persuade others to assist you. Success is guaranteed!

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You have made an effort of late to tone down your remarks because you did not want to upset those of a sensitive nature, but now you must go to the other extreme and speak your mind frankly and fearlessly. Your opinions matter.

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Be sociable this weekend, even if you have quite a bit of work to get through. If you surround yourself with people who are fun to be with, it will lift your spirits and your labours won't seem so much of a burden, or take so much time. What you see and hear over the next 48 hours may not delight you but at least you will know where you stand. Don't be too hard on yourself if it turns out you have been too trusting — most people are still very much on your side.

You may have found it difficult of late to get your head round a certain idea, which is frustrating because deep down you know it's important. However, today's Mercury-Uranus link will unlock the puzzle. You're now thinking on a much higher level.

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The sun in Sagittarius at this time of year tends to make you worry about your cash-flow situation, and indeed there may be cause for concern. But don't let it get to you to such an extent that you freeze mentally. Stay loose and keep moving forward. Mercury, planet of the mind, links with Uranus, planet of genius, today, so whatever issues you are struggling with at the moment are unlikely to hold you back for long. Sit quietly for a few minutes and let inspiration guide you.


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Daily Compatibility. And today, you could take a big dream from fantasy to right-here-right-now. Your world has been expanding ever since Jupiter blasted into your sign last November 6, and even though your red-spotted ruler is retrograde, today could turn out to be one of the luckiest of its yearlong transit. The super-sizer planet aligns with livewire Mars in your intrepid ninth house and might catapult you right out of your comfort zone. Money might just grow on trees—if you know where to look and how to shake the branches.

Playing up your personality can win you powerful new supporters. Ask and you definitely will receive! Beware the flip side to this: that money could burn a hole in your pocket if you take your eyes off it. Some days, you can be a total renegade, Aquarius, preferring to do your own thing rather than answer to others. But you also love a good collaboration—provided your teammates are as open-minded and liberated as you are. Motivational Mars sends a boundary-busting beam to super-sizer Jupiter in your community corner.

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Or call up some courage and drop in on an evening activity where you may be the only newbie in the room. Today is a great day to experiment with not sweating the petty stuff! Driven Mars in your systematic sixth house is threatening to drown you in details. But the red planet is getting a balancing beam from big-picture Jupiter in your house of career success.

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